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Who We Are

Telamon Robotics is a US distributor and lean integrator of Techman AI Robots.  In conjunction with our partner network, we help assess, design, build and deploy customized solutions to facilitate collaborative robots in a variety of applications across companies of all sizes.


Why Choose Telamon Robotics

  • Cost

    Cobots are cost-effective with an average payback period of six to nine months. Unlike traditional robots, they have smaller footprints, do not require major infrastructure changes, and can be used around-the-clock.

  • Safety

    Collaborative robots are designed and built to work safely alongside humans in a shared space. Our cobots have force sensing capabilities that allow it to stop motion or shut down when unexpected contact occurs. This not only protects human workers from severe injuries, but also protects itself from irreparable damage.

  • Repeatability

    It is important that, in production, the same task is carried out continuously and with a high level of precision. With a repeatability of +/- .05mm, Telamon’s collaborative robot system ensures that your repetitive task achieves results that are reliable and precise. 

  • Versatility

    Telamon’s collaborative robot solutions are easily configurable to suit multiple requirements and solutions within the same facility.  Our team can help define specific parameters to enable easy, on-site self-adjustments and redeployment between applications.

  • Speed

    From an initial site visit to deployment, programming and training, the average collaborative robot solution can be deployed in approximately 2 months from start to finish.


Insights Hub

Welcome to our Resource Center, where you can find the tools to start your cobot journey. Explore our ROI Calculator, immerse yourself in the transformative power of our case studies, mark your calendar for upcoming events, and discover the strategic alliances that fuel our success. Together, let’s unlock the boundless possibilities of cobots and robotics to shape the future of your business.


Our Products


The Solutions We Provide

Telamon Robotics can assess your process to determine best use case for our custom design and build collaborative robot integrations.  We listen to your pain points and can make recommendations based on what we see and hear.  See some of the solutions we have provided below.

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